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St.Tropez Tanning Kit
St.Tropez Tanning Kit

Dani's Closet Limerick

St.Tropez Tanning Kit

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Discover St.Tropez tanning kit for a long-lasting flawless tan. Choose from a light, medium or deep, dark tan in just one application with Self Tan Express Mousse and remove any mistakes, build up or start fresh with St.Tropez Tan Remover Mousse.

Deeper, darker bronze, to suit your skin tone.

Key features:
- Choose your depth of tan from a light sunkissed glow to a deep dark bronze
- Streak-free and flawless results
- Use Tan Remover Mousse for a longer-lasting tan, suitable for sensitive skin
- 100% natural tanning active
- Includes Luxe Applicator Mitt for a flawless finish and stain-free hands

St. Tropez Tanning Kit contains:
- St Tropez Express Mousse 200ml
- St Tropez Tan Remover 200ml
- Luxe Applicator Mitt

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